The Day Straight Men went “GAY-ACTING”

Published June 3, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

The pursue of the “STRAIGHT-ACTING” look by gay men have lead straight men to pursue the “GAY-ACTING” look. True story.

Nowadays, straight men embrace their feminine side more than gay men do. Well yeah, there is a feminine side in each man, it’s not restricted to gay men only.

However some gay men have gone very far into proving to themselves that they’re “true/ 100%/ full” men. Many, being still not ok with their gay side, feel the urge to prove to others too that they’re still men.

Well machismo is nice, you know, we all like it. Fake machismo is not, hell no it’s not.

Within the procedure of transforming into a Macho man, we tend to fall in the misconceptions and take things to a new extreme record, that makes the charm of it just disappear.

A macho man in the gay world is a jerk. Totally!!! You know! The kind of insensitive bastard, selfish, has bad, really bad manners, egocentric, and somehow eccentric, you know when they start wearing a golden thick necklace. Yeah, well, everyone is after him, cause he’s the macho macho man. He has an inherited degrading look to women originally. He even relates his bad boy attitude to his sex appeal. Queens like it. He neglects feelings, feelings are for women. Him, he’s a sex machine. Well sorry to tell you Dorothy, your macho attitude is something people use for purely a sexual fetish, nothing more.

Can you imagine the amount of resistance he puts not to belly dance every time a song of Najwa Karam is airing in public?! He just does it at home, and makes sure all the curtains are closed and no one is seeing him.

It is a huge problem when gay men abide by notions of machismo in the eastern societies. Here it gets the most fucked up. With all signs of a retarded patriarchal society, intensified with a deep insecurity of proving manhood?! Are you kidding me!? And we need to endure seeing that?! DAMN!!!

So a macho gay men, is somehow more macho than a macho straight man. Especially when the concept of dominance is there. Well yeah Nancy wants to be dominant, she likes to do a lot of spanking. Sta77777.

It all starts with the physical appearance. You need to have bad taste of clothing, good taste is a feminine sign.

The main thing is the look, a very piercing look, coming from downside, it can include a toothpick too.

When going out in a gay bar, you’re not allowed to dance, nor to smile. That might show your queeny side. Yeah only twinks do that. TWINKS can be macho Bitch.

To be macho, you need to be somehow beefy, the bigger the more macho. Therefore myself, i developed a fetish on skinny boys, for me they’re the most macho, i blame you for that!!!

A macho man doesn’t care for the pleasure of the other in bed. How convenient! If he waits for you to cum?! He says : “I don’t do that for anybody, did it for you”. Your cum is threatening for his machismo…

Well frankly i can’t really blame him for existing totally, some queens have gave him the impression that it’s allowed to be like that. Him?! he thinks he has the power. His queens?! just abuse his figure….

Being macho, is not about being noble, responsible, caring, loving…. pffffftttt what a lie!!!

Being macho is somehow related to being dumb.

And then comes the body language. A macho man is always tense. He grabs his drink while he’s about to break the glass in his hand. He has his eye brows stressed. He perceives himself to be bigger than reality, you know, shoulders, muscles, dick….

In his relations?! He doesn’t stick to one lover, yeah well, he’s a man, he’s allowed to have several lovers. His lover should be crying out his infidelity, and then he would feel guilty and promise not to do it again, yet he’ll do it again, after all he’s a macho man.

A macho man points out every feminine feature in others, well yeah cause nobody gives a fuck about his perception to things, but himself and others like him. He can start elaborating definitions about machismo, you know he’s a criteria and an expert. He’s allowed being the author of new theories…he has the background. OF COURSE! He has endured so much captivating the women in him.

A macho man can become an escort, of course he does it for money. He’s a healthy bull that fucks women originally but he does men just because all the women of the earth do not satisfy his sexual needs. Being a sex addict is a sign of machismo, no?!

A macho man is definitely a gay man. Straight men don’t try so hard to prove their machismo.

When they do, they become the kind of “Macho-Gay-Acting”…



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