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The Pope, the Kurdish guy, and Kayhan Kalhor

Published July 30, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

The breaking news that took the stardom from one homophobic person, Vladimir Putin, to talk about another, Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church!

In a shocking announcement, Pope Francis declared the following:  Who Am I to judge gay people?!

The same Pope who compared the adoption of kids by gay couples to Child abuse, this time has shocked the world with a statement that might look tolerant for a traditional homophobic institution like the Catholic church.

Then he reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s position that homosexual acts were sinful, but homosexual orientation was not. Many people didn’t understand that. I somehow did. So what he meant was, homosexuality is by no doubt something that is there without being chosen, if Catholics adopt that homosexuality is a sin, that means for them God created sin in us, while homosexual acts are surely a sin cause Catholics are urging homosexuals on abstaining from living their sexual gay life, #hypocrisy .

So in order for a homosexual not to sin, he should abstain from sex like clerics do, and here we understand why there are a lot of homosexuals between clerics.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge them?”. What about atheist gay men?! well they burn in hell…. only Catholic gays are not judged by the Pope.

“They should not be marginalized because of this but that they must be integrated into society.” Thank you!

“The problem is not having this orientation,” he said. “We must be brothers. The problem is lobbying by this orientation, or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worse problem.” We believe you’re our brother too, that’s why we lobby and shout out loud when you take the church into adopting injustice. Wait, did he just compare gay lobbies with masonic lobbies, and greedy people?!?! Way to go Brotha! Let’s dissolve the Catholic Lobby you lead as well, the one that spreads homophobia all around the big institution in the whole wide world.

As much as more progressive the statements of Pope Francis might seem compared to his predecessors, we have a long way to go Brother, in order that a true brotherhood is established.

While reading the Pope’s latest statements, a guy appears on my Skype. I open the cam, of course to check if he’s hot, he is! Turned out to be a Kurdish guy from Iraq. Huhhhh?!?! Well he’s there at 4 am in the morning so why not give him a chance to express himself. He wants to be my friend. “I have too many friends already, what about i become friends with your dick?” I say. He blushes. He just wanted to be my friend. He didn’t want to sleep with me in the sexual sense. Well he loved me, but as a friend. He wants to kiss me, but as a friend. He wants to sleep with me, but as a friend. As weird as it seemed, I was the one to feel the whore in me. Omg I’m a slut! The guy is shy, while i come from a different sexually open background, he’s asking to be my friend, love me, kiss me, and sleep with me. I’ve become such a slut to a point where i felt that was exotic. Well yeah it is, and then i reflected on our modern relations, who dictates the norms in them, who says our relations are the right ones, he was surely proposing a relation of different kind, of course he was gonna lecture me for working in a gay bar, for working in a bar in the 1st place and serving alcohol, then i told him I’m christian and Alcohol is not Haram for me so he apologized for offending me,although i was not offended. Yeah well the guy was that innocent, and i felt like a slut, one that wanted to devour him alive, have i lost that longtime ago, to a point that i forgot how someone can be innocent?!

All of it, while that same slut was listening to Kayhan Kalhor! For the many of you who don’t know Kalhor, he’s a musician, a God, an iranian violinist, a Kurdish Iranian Violinist, that can accept that gay people exist, are not marginalized, and their homosexual acts of fantasizing about sucking his holy dick are no sin …


Russia, Oh Russia : Why the Homophobia?

Published July 25, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

On rebuilding the new great Russia, we’re ready to take everything from the western model, except the uprising direction towards more tolerance. Russia have stepped into capitalism with the big tools, the big whales…Immense corruption, an unfair distribution of the resources, moving from the Old Great Soviet Union into the new Great Capitalist Russia. Seems like a new state, with a new orientation, built on the same mentality.

A pretentious nationalism, representatives of the east and defenders of it, against who? Of course against the evil West. What is the East and what is the West anyway? I’m no eastern like Russians. Are we talking about the Eastern Church and the Western one?! Which Western one?! The Catholic Church or the Protestant one?!

Russia made its come back! Newly a big power, built on the same old track, having a dictator like leader, this time backed by the new weapons of capitalism and the Orthodox church. Isn’t that ideal?! This time Russia would not fall, the Church is there by the side of the governor, a strong ally witnessing and contributing in the social injustice.

The new Russia has no enemies, collaborating with the US on shared interests, of course, cause sharing is caring…

Oh no, one single enemy stands defying time, an old enemy of the Soviet Russia is still an enemy for the new Capitalist Liberal Russia, bringing fear to the Russian society, spreading terror between Russians, and threatening the continuity of the Russian nation: HOMOSEXUALITY!!!

DA FUCK VLADIMIR!!! Homosexuality is your greatest fear nowadays?!

Fighting gay propaganda, preserving the birth rates, stopping the adoption of Russian kids by gay parents, local and foreigner, preserving family values….

Yeah preserving the family values!!! Mr Putin had no problem, while the Anti Gay bill being adopted by the Duma, in declaring his divorce to his wife. Well that is no threat for family values, right?! Neither would kids seeing the gay bashing towards activists be of any harm, but telling them that gay people exist?! Oh Lord!!!

Same arguments, of course homosexuality comes along to pedophilia, oh and Sodomy….no it’s not the drinking problem in Russia!!! Russian men always viewed as minors, you cannot tell Russian men also that gay people exist…do not tell Vladimir!!!

Although more religious countries are far more likely to be less accepting of homosexuality, Russia seems to reject both God and gays,with only 33 percent of Russians saying religion was very important in their daily life in 2009. However the Orthodox Church is part of the Russian Nation’s superiority, a national tradition, although Russians rarely practice their faith.

And why this homophobic law?! Because of some statistics that shocked lately the Russian society with 730 000 estimated orphan and a big decrease in the birthrates…. who to blame?! Of course those gays, they’re bringing kids and leaving them, and not doing their job of covering their straight fellas, not like gay people in the States or China or India or any other country…. and therefore 436 voted for the anti gay bill in the Duma against 0, truly one big fat zero, and 1 abstinence if it makes it any better… not to forget the Orthodox Radicals and the Kremlin supporters bashing gay activists before the police interfered, to captivate the activists instead of the assaulter.

And who to apply the law on?! of course Madonna, the symbol of modern homosexuality, defender of gay men everywhere on earth, thank God the judge stopped the comedy show by dismissing the suit… Madonna expressed her support for gay people in a concert in St Petersburg and for the Pussy Riot that took place in Russia.

Frankly?! I’m very sad, i don’t understand till when Russia would be the image of that dark world, built on ignorance and stupidity, fortified with terror and disrespect for the human intelligence, a model of intolerance, a symbol of injustice and modern atrocities.

Well but, let’s not forget that Brigitte Bardot and Gerard Depardieu want to be Russian Citizens.

Such a system is destined to fail.

Tomorrow is a better future!


On why Beirut is a Gay Haven in the Middle East.

Published July 18, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

Many people were pissed when this article named Beirut to be a gay haven in the middle east.

Except for the reason of why would some Israelis be furious of promoting Beirut as a competitive Gay friendly city, the reasons behind some Lebanese activists’ objections remain totally unknown, or are they? I mean yeah we have a genuine tendency as people to nag, some of our nagging is legitimate and the majority of it just isn’t. For activists, promoting that our city is a beautiful place to live in is somehow harmful for the business, you know, if there are no tragedies, there is no funding. I’m not saying that Activists in NGOs are all like that, I’ve witnessed how many people are super passionate about caring for the community and defending it, many of them have gave so much in order to make our city a better place to live in out of pure human interest. I’m not saying neither that Beirut is flawless, oh believe me it got so many flaws that you dunno where to start the counting, and that’s why activists are trying their best to make it a better place to live in with a better quality of human life.

Beirut is not a perfect city to live in, surely. I dunno if there is any other city that is. Why do some people love Beirut that much?! Why some people hate it that much?! What we’re really looking for plays the major role in the decision making on how to judge a city, some people with diverse interest can even create a Love/Hate relation with Beirut.

Why would some foreigners name Beirut the gay haven in the Middle East? Yeah well, many gay bars, many people living independently their gay life, sexy men, freedom on the internet (so far), these are the 1st pictures a tourist can see, and they make his trip a really cool one.

As for me, yeah well I’ve afforded a good life. A good gay one. Not only I’ve afforded it, i chose it. I, the gay man coming from a village, I moved to Beirut, independently from my parents, rented an apartment and lived my gay life totally.

Beirut is an expensive city, yeah well HELLOOOOOO! As expensive for a free gay man, as for a free straight man. Lebanese men in general who wanna move out from the environment that limits them have to pay the price for it. Isn’t that what Gibran Khalil Gibran our most famous philosopher did?! He moved to New York, came back to Beirut, then left again to the US, then to Paris and from it to New York again and again, which wasn’t more affordable than Bcharreh (his hometown, located in the north of Lebanon) you know?!

The villages in the mountains in Lebanon are mostly conservative areas, as any villages anywhere in the world, the city is of course more tolerant, in Italy its the same, as well in Greece, the States or any country in the world.

On why Beirut is a gay haven in the Middle East?! Well it simply gives you the choice, even under a higher price. When you chose to move to it and come out, you don’t expect to spread your coming out to the rest of the village you come from, you come out for your parents and that’s it, you don’t have to carry the rainbow and run in your hometown’s small routes, you don’t have to keep running till you reach the peak of the mountain and put the flag there, you didn’t reach the moon you know?! nor the highest peak in your continent. Well you can if you want, and you have the right to, if you don’t really want.

When I read this blog about Beirut’s Gay Myth, i got nausea. A blog full of judging, judging a person who wanted the funeral of his mother to be calm, a person who’s out and an activist who didn’t want the people in the village to talk about his gay friends while he’s mourning his mother. Well I understand it’s disappointing somehow on the personal level, but to go online and bash him?! Well you want to be a Diva, do it in Broadway. Yet you surely lacked elegance and refinement dealing with this issue. And then, you wanted to affiliate it to a cause?! Beirut’s Gay Myth?!

Well hear me well, yes Beirut is a gay haven for me, I’m living my life superbly, it gave me freedom, Beirut gave freedom to all its seekers. Incidents happen ?! Well a guy was killed in France for being an activist! No city in the Middle East have given refuge for people seeking freedom like Beirut did. Beirut is not fair?! Welcome to capitalism! Europe and America are not, neither are Russia and Brazil. Life is unfair honey. People from a lower class or who don’t have the money cannot afford it?! It’s not true, i didn’t bring my parent’s money with me, i worked my ass off to earn my living, so did most of the straight men who work in Bars, Art and other careers to afford this freedom Beirut provides them. I chose, they did as well….

The funny part is that i received a call today from my brother, he was telling me that i have all the freedom to live my life the way i want to, and to do my revolution on my own, and asked me why do i have to include them in my revolution. I said I’m not. He said yes you are, by being that out, and leading your fights online while all our entourage is seeing and reading about you. I said well this is my problem. He continued saying why do i have to endure people asking me about you. I replied cause you’re my brother and you can easily tell them ask him, or ignore them. He said then why does your mother have to endure it too?! That was sufficient to make me shut up, why?! Cause he mentioned my mother, yes my mother who’s 60 years old, thinking of how she’s enduring the reactions of the society because of me, made me shut up.

Well the funeral of your friend’s mother should have shut you up as well!!!

On why Beirut is a gay haven in the Middle East?! It’s simply the choice of a population to live free, open its gay bars although still unprotected by the law, have those fabulous parties with a will of living and breaking all the rules, and do its revolution.

On why Beirut is Not a Gay Myth?! It’s simply cause you were able to sign your blog with your full name…

Beirut is the gay haven in the Middle East!


#Revolt #تمرد

Published July 2, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

I always thought living in the 60s and 70s would have been awesome. Getting born after 1945, of course, turning adult in the 60, and maturing in the 70s. Not very gay of me, the 80s would have been the In decade. Myself, i would have loved to have the 50s as childhood memories, participate in the struggles for rights in the 60s, and celebrate sexual freedoms acquired in the 70s. You know, living in those specific two decades would have meant a lot to me. They were somehow full of thoughts, people were fighting to gain freedom, art was revolutionary, humanity was exploring sexuality, and the music was better.

I used to ask myself why would i be born in an era where the battle is lead by religions, no real meaningful ideologies, for me humanity is going backwards..Sooooo lame.

Well that was until recently, i changed my mind. I wanna live in this era… Now is the right moment to make change.

We’re directly facing extremism, and we have the obligation of fighting to take humanity back to rationality.

Look at Turkey, look at Brazil, and look precisely to Egypt. Humanity is saying enough to fanaticism, enough with the interference of religion in politics, and enough with extreme brutal capitalism.

Humanity is much more than that.

Humanity is compassion, is consideration, is awareness, is freedom, and humanity is especially love.

It’s not the Muslim brotherhood, it’s not Banks, it’s not Nations….

Humanity is beyond borders, it’s beyond being hostage of entities, it’s beyond being contained and trained to be spare parts of a system…

Humanity is free, free to love…

It’s not Nadim El Gemayel and his puppets. It’s not Ahmad Al Assir and his guns. It’s not the Lebanese censorship.

It’s peaceful beliefs, rational behaviors, border-less spirits…

It’s no battling for proving thyself, competing with everyone, and crashing people on the way.

It’s individuality, consideration and inner fulfillment…

Within this struggle, gay people are invited to play a major role of social commitment, call it politics.

They are pillars of this diversity, and should prove it everyday, impose it in every act, work, demonstration and lobbying.

Actually?! They should be pioneers leading the battle, cause people who suffer learn truly the meaning of  equality, freedom, and love….

Gay people should be in the heart of revolutions, against every oppressor from any kind….

Therefore I am a proud gay man, not that I limit my struggle to my cause, my nature provided me with endless horizons, and I’m willing to explore them with no fear…

Tomorrow is a better future….