In Support of the Turkish Revolution

Published June 5, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

Remarkably, Turkish citizens decided to make their own revolution. The main question that has been asked by media frequently: Would it be the Turkish Spring, similar to the prior Arab Spring?!

Why would it be you dumpsters??!!

It was one beautiful day where the Turkish Government was removing trees due to a new plan for Taksim Square to include a Mosque and a Mall; you know the regular capitalist/religious shit walking along.

Few citizens decided to protest against what was planned. The shocking thing was the ferocity of the police dealing with them, which triggered all the up growing protests that led lately into approximately 1 million people to hit the streets.

So is it really about the trees?!  Well yeah some people respect nature, but it’s mostly about the mentality that includes not giving a fuck about trees.

You know, the type of capitalism mixed to religion, the same one ruling Egypt, the Muslim brotherhood and their fake identity, convincing people of being the perfect Muslims to become the neo-capitalists, taking over the resources of the state, the resources that belong to citizens and citizens only.

Istanbul is a city that has all this history and its citizens would not accept that an ignorant comes to change its identity. After all, that city preserved all the knowledge and heritage of humanity in the modern days, it carried all the sciences, literature and philosophy until the Italian Renaissance came and took over the lead. So no wonder everything starts there before spreading into other cities.


Erdoğan was bit by bit turning their civil state into an Islamic one.

It was remarkable for me that I couldn’t have access for porn in Istanbul, while I do in Beirut. That restriction was implemented in a decision taken by the Turkish government in 2008. Not that porn is essential, but what the fuck?! We’re not in Saudi Arabia nor in the Vatican u know!?

Then you had the crazy increase of taxes on alcohol. In Istanbul, alcohol is more expensive than any European city nowadays, which is somehow a smartass way to make it unaffordable to the population; surely the background is not other than religious.

And the latest shit was the forbidding of public kisses in the metro, under the slogan of respecting morality. For the ones of you who don’t know, the population of Istanbul is somehow very affectionately romantic, they practice their romance everywhere in the street.

Many other minor changes have been introduced too. Did anyone not hear that nowadays a hostess in the Turkish Airlines cannot put lipsticks on?!

At the end, we wonder why those people are protesting?! For trees?!?! No, you dumbass, of course it’s not only for few trees. People there are protesting for Freedom!!!

So the protests started a huge amount of brutality by the Turkish police, an attempt to frighten the society by imposing order with an Iron fist, Arab dictatorships style. Proof?! The same terminologies and phrases used by Ghaddafi, Assaad, Mubarak, Ben Ali, were used by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, even the same techniques. Media in Turkey was hiding it all; nothing was happening for them, no people were killed in the streets, no injuries, and no aggressions. Even CNN Turk was hiding info, remarkably CNN international wasn’t. Yeah interests play a major role.

So Erdoğan called for order, he called upon protestors to go off the streets, saying there is a hidden agenda behind all what’s happening, of course he cannot be truly responsible, he’s the right choice, and here’s the evil trying to forbid him from imposing Good. The Arab Leaders conspiracy theory has got him too. Whooooo!

Then, he threatens: “If they go on the streets with 100 thousand, we can go on the streets with a million”. Is there any better way to provoke the people there?! How democratic of you!! I mean yeah you came by a democratic process, well guess what, most of dictatorships did, it doesn’t mean you cannot turn into a fascist in a blink of an eye, yes your statements are fascist!!!

“To me, social media [TWITTER] is the worst menace to society.” Yeah now he does theories, Karl Marx is not any better. “Social media is the opium of the masses” declare it, say the truth, com’on! Urgghhh


While Turkey was being taken as a role model for the Arab world, an example of the moderate Islam, and moderate Islamists, considered by Americans and Europeans as their inspiration to what will the Arab world be in the post Arab Spring era, something went wrong.

The system failed!

Instead of the Turkish model inspiring Arabs, Arabs inspired Turks into a Turkish kind of spring. Not Really!!!

Turkey is not Dubai

While Arab’s spring has lead Islamists into power, Turks revolted for those consequences. It’s a very weird intersection we’re witnessing here. If the Turkish protests are meant to impose change, would the Arab world be affected again by it?! Only time would tell…

Watching both parties in Turkey, there is a dominant sense of nationalism there; I’m not really fan of nations, most of the times it leads to fascism and racism. I really hope those fighting for the preservation of the civil state built by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, don’t undermine their cause just restrictively for the sake of the Glory of the Turkish Nation, their fight concerns all the free people in this world, and inspires plenty.

The reason why I’m writing about the Turkish uprising is that I feel concerned with what’s happening there, although am no Turkish citizen. Also,I immensely believe that Gay people should always defend civil rights. In the Erdogan legacy, all I see coming is less gay rights and less sexual freedom. With a mentality like that, we’re definitely doomed…

Turkey has a beautiful heritage of gay history, especially when we see how tolerant Islam was, unlike the image that is being imposed on us nowadays creating a constant conflict between homosexuality and belief.

It is our responsibility to take role in the liberation of the masses in order to achieve a more tolerant world, and more of a free one.

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