Judge Helen Iskandar, and her patriarchal Phoenician compatriots

Published September 16, 2016 by angrytinkerbell

It happened that I met this guy lately. He told me this story. A month ago, they were 4 men in an apartment. The neighbors called the police on them. They got abducted to the notorious Lebanese morality police (Hbeich). They spent 4 days in there. They paid 3000$ to close their files, fearing that it would cause them a social scandal. Then they were released.

This story comes to pile up with so many other ones, where homosexuality is persecuted, laws are not respected, rights are violated, and bribes are collected.

Welcome to the land of the Cedars, Lebanon!

Welcome to the holy country, where the descendants of Phoenicia still live. Where Arabia glowed. Where Roman laws were taught. Where it takes you 30 minutes to shift from skying in the mountains to swimming by the beach.

Your supposedly open minded compatriot comes and asks you: “When did you chose to become a homosexual?”

When did you chose to become so numb? i answer. “You’re very aggressive, chill bro”

7/6/2016, Judge Helen Iskandar ruled that 5 people, that were being investigated for the killing of their friend, are guilty under the article 534 that criminalizes all sexual acts defying nature, although several judges before her reached the conclusion that homosexuality cannot be considered against nature and therefore the article 534 is not applicable in their case. She ordered anal tests on a dead body to prove homosexual acts, although these tests were prohibited in 2012 by the minister of justice back then and the doctor’s syndicate for being inhuman and inaccurate. She didn’t comply with international treaties that come in a higher place to the internal law, the internal law should be changed to be coherent with the treaties that Lebanon has ratified.

This same Judge, Helem Iskandar  ruled in “the heinous crime that shocked Lebanon when Manal Assi was ruthlessly bludgeoned with a pressure cooker in front of her two young daughters by her husband, according to information released by the ISF at the time. He was supposed to be sentenced in accordance with article 549 of the Penal Code which carries the death penalty. However, judge Helen Iskandar indirectly based her verdict on section 562 of article 252 of the Penal Code, which relates to ‘Honor Killings”, and sentenced him for 18 months only (2 judicial years, each 9 months)

Both rulings are being appealed currently to try to break them for their illegality, not to say irrationality.

Now this is the country you’re so happy with, so proud of, so nationalistic about to the extend of racism (let me not open that door). Yeah, that country?!

Shove it up your a**es, and while doing so, let the phoenix bird come take you and fly you to its peaks, and maybe throw you above a Cedar tree so you can shove that as well.

Oh and Elie Marouni and Najwa Karam too …









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