I suck in poetry, but…..

Published May 29, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

When I focused on the I, without forgetting about you. I loved who I am, as part of loving you.

I glowed, with magic, or stardust was it, I’m confused, never thought I’d do.

Was I independent?! I think I was, not sure I really was, the confusion I live, I depend on you, to get me through.

I had a dream, that I was the perfect man, but you being there, was it really true?

The I in me was always enough, until I met you, I felt incomplete, so incomplete, I had no clue.

I thought I was a phoenix, with a long tale of fire, I’d never stay in one place, I always flew.

I was promiscuous, I certainly was, I was free, what have you turned me into?

I lived in a rainbow, my life was a mixture of colors, until u came, and imposed your radical blue.

Who I became, is a stranger that I never met, and never knew.

I took off my defenses, my protection, my shields, just to be with you.

Turned out I surrendered to myself, cause u were a step ahead, that I was trying to reach to.

I didn’t lose the I, I surely did not, who I was with you, was one soul, instead of two.


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