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AL JARAS magazine: Bring it on B*tches…

Published December 2, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

“In Lebanon, to each his private freedom, conditioned with not exceeding or disturbing the other, this is what makes us special from countries we’re friends with”.

This is how Al Jaras magazine, a Lebanese so called magazine that specializes in gossiping and stars news, decided to start its latest article criticizing the opening of OM Bar, that was meant to happen on Saturday 30th of November in Jouniyeh.

“Lebanon, this small country with its geography, big with its value and people and culture and arts, is being hurt by people craving instinctual desires.”

Then Al Jaras continues stating facts about the new place that is bringing sex to the city, a meaningless interview on the phone with the manager of the place, and details about the marketing on Facebook, to end the article with two questions:

“If this place is not related to perverts (a connotation for gay people, in Arabic Shazzin, as equivalently insulting as faggots) why publishing naked photos of men? And why are the comments of most of the people joining their page coming from men and perverts?!”

When such a magazine starts lecturing you about freedom, you listen carefully, take notes, and know that what’s coming is big, it’s gonna make history, change definitions and notions.

Dear Al Jaras, and dearest sisters in Al Jaras, from Nidal Al Ahmadiyyeh to the littlest queen following her, this is a message from the heart, coming out of a person who is as concerned as you about Lebanon and its future.

Freedom is not something you can decompose, nor something that is given. With that low standard of an article, you disturbed me, and here I am, not rushing to close down your magazine. I have the right of not reading you people, and i don’t but viral, when some Facebook friends for reasons still unknown to me share your links, every time they think you’ve exceeded your previous limits of horrendous standards of journalism.

I never bought your magazine and will never do. Your kind of magazine is a disgrace for Lebanon, the big Lebanon you preach about, you’re no of a value, no of a people, no of culture nor of arts. The only potential use i can think of as an added value of your papers and ink is in my toilet, whenever i go shitting and I’m out of toilet papers, although i would rather have recycled papers to use, and in that too you are of a harm to Lebanon and its trees.

A Lebanon of culture and arts would never make of your magazine a best seller, so i don’t know exactly what was it really you were referring to.

I tried to understand why would you use the word perverts referring to gay men in your article, but failed again and again. Was it to cover the failure of plastic surgeries Ms Nidal had? Or to cover the crimes that the queen writing the article committed to what we call Arabic language? Or maybe you adopted what “Hbeich” (a notorious investigation police station in Lebanon) think of perverts, being those transsexuals and not the “decent looking” gay men? (Latcheh)

So it’s jealousy huh? Those “perverts” of transsexuals are more feminine looking than Nidal, and seems they expose her freakish looks. As well they are at ease with themselves, which is not the case of the queens in Al Jaras. And they for sure write a better Arabic.

A special message to the gay man writing those homophobic articles: Wake up scum bag. We’ve all witnessed you working it “a la Miley Cyrus” in gay bars.

I’ll end this blog, with an interview of another homophobic B*tch, Randa El Murr, bashing Nidal Al Ahmadiyyeh, cause simply this video elevates my morals whenever i feel down.

With Love,

The ANGRY Tinker Bell