Ghost has reopened!

Published May 25, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

Yeah Ghost has reopened yesterday night. Well it was expected however not in the same place, in the same ville, in the fortress of persistence and resistance, in Shakhtoora’s dreamland, in the land that was blessed by 2 patriarchs?!?!!

The last 2 days were funny, very funny… As Mr Shakhtoora wasn’t convinced of the legitimacy of Ghost’s existence, he decided to cut the electricity cables that reach the club. Not only that, he pursued in using his power to forbid a generator’s owner from delivering power to Ghost.

Let’s face it the guy was determined. Yet at the end, electricity was provided, of course it would, especially that the public prosecutor made sure to call Shakhtoora and order him to let go, the place legally can reopen, and will reopen.

The community conquered this battle. This is the 2nd battle the community wins after the 36 men’s arrest.

For the 1st time the community decided to fight back. No not everyone is out yet. The community was united by a genuine feeling of oppression and aggression refusal. The queens have not hit the streets with their high heels, no. But they couldn’t let things pass smoothly for the oppressor.

The community is more than ever aware of its potential. Well yeah, we’re strong people, get over it. We endured feeling abnormal when we started realizing our attraction towards people from our sex, lived the fear of religion and society, accepted ourselves, been harassed and insulted, bullied too, fought inner and outer battles, tried to build love relations in a non receptive environment, what do you expect?! Of course we are strong people, we’ve been forged with perseverance and great will, to prove ourselves within this fucked up society, of course we are strong, and successful in our work, and of course we’re influential, oh yes big time.

In this battle, everyone fought his own way. Things have graduated like this. People got shocked of the closing of Ghost and the brutality of the actions towards 4 innocent people. People were in rage. They started making jokes of Shakhtoora, they dressed him in woman. People started asking what they can do back. Organizations prepared their tools and were ready to start their fight. Bloggers thought of fighting back too. Meanwhile the gay community was still frequenting gay bars as usual, well mostly. The media in Lebanon raised the voice. Bloggers started blogging. They launched a blogging campaign even that trended all over facebook and twitter. People read, shared, liked, and refused injustice. Things evolved dramatically into a confrontation of existence. No Mr Shakhtoora, you’re not getting away with your actions, You’re gonna be shamed for it, few people protested in front of the ministry of Justice because of your unjust acts. Your portfolio would be crowned with 2 lawsuits dah ling. You raised the voice of the church, thought you were Gabriel, the angel that protects the heavenly kingdom. So smart, so unexpected. The best part was when we discovered that the signs you’ve spread to bless your actions were created by you. Honey, it was fabulous, seeing them being removed in a glance like putted. Now all the media was against you, well in the exception of Al Jaras magazine and Al Balad newspaper and few dumpsters, you’ve been blessed with their support. So smart of you, really, our campaign made the minister of interior comment, and regret he ever did, so he had to explain his homophobia, and then condemn your acts, while all your argument was fighting corruption, yeah right, with all the corruption your portfolio contains, you know drug dealing, illegal cabarets and poker places, using the public money of the municipality for your personal profit, and the list goes on, soooooo not smart of you. You’ve faced people forged with pain, discrimination, aggression, insults, bullying. You’ve faced living witnesses of Injustice; did you expect us to be easy preys? The kind you’d devour without having a huge bone stuck in your throat?!?!?!

Yes the community has won the battle, and came out stronger than ever.

Today, you’re a living witness too, an example for each person who even thinks that it’s easy to digest the community without suffering the consequences, or each person who allows himself to abuse his power to attack the weak, thinking that his playground is the jungle, and he’s the king of it, a no righteous one who’s allowed everything. From now on, the community won’t be an easy meal; it’s the frog with the poisoned skin that would suddenly turn the predator into a prey.

Tomorrow, it’s a better future, and surely a more tolerant one….


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