Marwan Charbel and Schizophrenia

Published May 20, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

Within an article for “Now.” regarding the IDAHO, and after the controversy of his statement declaring Lebanon an Anti-Faggots country where it’s not allowed for Fags who marry in France to spend their honeymoon around here, the Lebanese Minister of Interior Affairs Marwan Charbel decided to confuse whom it may concern, and declared the following:

1-“I didn’t say Lebanon is against faggots, but the Lebanese law is against faggots, this is the penal code talking not me”.

Wow, thank you for clarifying M. Minister, now it makes sense, eufff I’m so much relieved. However just to clarify to you that the penal code is not really against faggots, he doesn’t mention faggots even, the article 534 states a crime of 2nd degree (not 1st degree as you stated before) that is punished by imprisonment from six months till a year for everyone that commits sexual acts that are against nature. And since we are homosexuals, not faggots, we do not consider our sexual intercourse as an act against nature.

2-” Personally if i see my son doing these things i don’t accept, cause this is against nature”

Honey who cares for what you personally think?! I personally think you’re an asshole. And Homophobic. And i believe your presence in that position is against nature. And i dunno really why that Journalist took you into consideration in our glorious day. And no one gives a shit about who you are! I mean look at Ahmad Al Assir, for him you don’t exist. I cannot but sympathize with your son. What do you mean you don’t accept?! Really?! What would you do to express your nonacceptance?! Would you listen to his phone calls?! Put an agent to follow him? Make some Policemen beat him? Kick him out of home? Run after him through all the 112 vehicles  (911 in Lebanon, wish it was that efficient tho) ?? What can you really do?! I’m calling for all of you to pray for Minister Charbel’s son, God be with him for having such a father.

3-“Let them (Faggots) protest and demand their rights like the french did”

Really? You give us that right? Well why don’t you act like the french minister did and support a Gay Marriage Law in Beirut? Why don’t you become responsible like your french colleagues and man up?!

4-“I demanded investigations within the acts of M. Shakhtoora who has no right to do what he did, nor close Ghost (gay bar in Beirut). It’s the Law who enforces such an act”

Poor Minister Charbel, he could do nothing, he wanted to defend us, yet you know a head of municipality has got bigger balls than him, he just couldn’t do a thing!

Well i have Schizophrenia, since I am always confused about the classification of the country i live in. Am I in a civilized country or a fucken retarded one. Thank you Minister Charbel for making things clear. Yeah I do live in a retarded country, that have retarded ministers like yourself.


2 comments on “Marwan Charbel and Schizophrenia

  • Probably the funniest shit I have EVER heard! Bravo! Well said. What a dumb ass! You cannot even defend the homosexual community against a MAYOR? What kind of a minister are you?

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