Is it the right time to start Outing the bigots of Beirut ?!

Published August 25, 2014 by angrytinkerbell

In the past week, i received a message from three different subjects about this guy who apparently threatens gay men he meets on Grindr (with a knife sometimes) so that they give him money.

It kind of brought up an old story, where someone was robbed by a guy he picked from a cruising area. The guy told him that he’s from an official state department. The victim had to pick money from the bank to have his life spared. Being a closeted case, he didn’t even dare to ask the bank for the recorded camera tape fearing that the criminal would tell about him being gay.

As well that asshole who used to do the same thing with people in another cruising area at the beach.

Not to mention the actual killings that took place and that we all got aware of.

Back to our 1st story, today i was about to publish the guy’s picture and out him to the society. I’m not fond of such a tactic, but i can’t help it but think, wouldn’t that save people from being robbed or tortured or killed ?

Maybe since Hbeich Police station, with all the raids that took place lately, have forgotten about the criminals that are spreading fear in the Lebanese society in general, and the gay community in particular, maybe they’d act efficiently if they know someone’s gay and they’ll call upon him to ask him how he gets fucked.

Oh! Oh! And maybe they would send the criminal to Zahle’s prison as they’ve done to the men captured in Al Agha raid so he’d be beaten by the prisoners there.

Or even better if the criminal is a foreigner (not American or European tho), he would have to stay like 10 to 15 more days in prison so that the general security forces make sure he’s of no national threat, as the 12 men still rotting in Zahle till today due to Hammam Al Agha raid.

Maybe when Hbeich also outs him to his parents, he’d be beaten by his brothers in the middle of the street, causing him to overdose on sleeping pills and go into a coma like it happened to one of the Agha detainees that were released.

I mean who cares about dealers infiltrating drugs to schools and shit, killers wandering the streets, terrorists planning where to bomb?

All you need is to capture the homosexuals, being the reason why ISIS is going to invade Lebanon.

If those criminals, whether thieves or killers, turn to be gay, it’s then when Hbeich and other police stations would run to stop them no?!

Even better, why not out the people who are involved in gay arrests and spreading homophobia?! I’m talking politicians, public figures, security forces members, and even better, religious figures.

I don’t want to do such a thing, no one else does, cause we know the true meaning of being outed and getting the shit that comes along from society. But what if?! I mean really truly, what if?!

Today the gay community in Beirut is boiling with anger.

Police stations are failing to ensure the security and the respect of human rights and public freedoms for citizens paying taxes to fund the security forces’ salaries.

Is it the right time to start Outing the bigots of Beirut?

gay police outed

2 comments on “Is it the right time to start Outing the bigots of Beirut ?!

  • Listen.
    I think you guys should set up self-defence classes , and teach a lot of hay men how to defend themselves.
    Then, regarding the “coming out”, if the aggressor tells on the victim, there’s still nothing to prove it.
    Also, a task force should be established, armed millitia of gay men located in cruise areas , in the shadows, keeping a watchful eye on who is coming and going.
    I think the agressor should be caught, and then taken to hbeich for example. If he starts accusing a gay guy of being gay, well, u can say “yeah maybe he’s just insulting us, we’re not gay at all.
    The last sentence may have not made sense lol, but anw long story short, as a straight man, it hurts to see gay friends being attacked but being helpless.
    Look up the Pink Pistol movement in the U.S.A, and get inspired.
    The gvrmmnt and the majority of lebanese ppl arent ready to accept you yet, and they won’t help out in the near future.
    So please take my advice, and if u need tactical help let me know.
    Peace and love

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