Go with the sands…

Published January 23, 2014 by angrytinkerbell

Look at me, look deep in my eyes. Have you seen it already ? Have you seen anything, already?

Look into my soul, have you seen my pain? No? Have you really looked? Do you expect me to go like a beggar exhibiting my deepest insecurities?

Begging for a mercy from you? Have you ever known me?

Have I ever asked for your pity? or sympathy?

Do you expect me to stand naked in front of you? Drawing equations for you to assimilate it??

Do you want my love? or my submissiveness?

Do you want me strong? or weak by your side?

You want proofs that i love you? Proofs that i cannot provide?

Kill me already, finish me up. Don’t you want that? Wouldn’t that satisfy your insecure ego?

Have you understood anything? I am a standing flower, in a desert full of predators.

I evolved with my defenses, yet I glow with beauty. Have you seen my beauty? Have you really contemplated me?

Have you seen my injuries? I survived them. I have many scars. Have you seen my scars?

Do you really expect me to die? Amongst that much of negativity? Do you expect me not to blossom?

Have you ever contemplated my light? Do you wanna shut me down?!

Do you think you can? Isn’t that why you liked me in the first place?

Would you prefer to destroy me? Haven’t you witnessed people trying? Haven’t you witnessed them failing?

That’s the way you feel unique? If only you could?

You came with a breathe of fresh air. Do you wanna leave with a storm of sand?

Do you really wanna become the past?

Have you really thought of the colors and odors i brought into your life? You just wanna kill that before you go?

Kill me already, have you really tried?

Wait, so you don’t wanna kill me, but you want me to suffocate? Live in slavery, dead outside your protection?

I don’t understand that. Forgive me i cannot. I cannot borrow you my roots to hold yourself to.

Go with the sands, ill keep a good image of you. I’ll still carry love towards you. I will always love you. I love you so much that i cannot hold you any further….


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