The Syrian Hunk, and the misery of a people…

Published September 15, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

He messaged me on Growlr. There was a guy all hunk in a pic. He liked my photo and decided to contact me. Few talks, he asked me about my role. I didn’t wanna do attitude regarding such question, so i answered him that I’m a top, he answered back saying he was a double. Double?! Well i got over the shock and understood he meant a versatile. Fine with me, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet for a fuck later on.

3 days afterwards, he messaged me on whatsapp, i was free, he was too. We decided to meet at 12 in the evening, he finishes work around that time, and i was off for once wandering Hamra as it was long time i visited “Le Marais” of Beirut, “Province town of Lebanon”. I told him to meet me in Costa, a classic that became a 24/7 for meetings. He didn’t know where that was. He asked me to meet him in front of Barbar Hamra. Fair with me.

We met, he was in my car.

Lately, I’m trying to project a certain rough careless indifferent look. What?! People are abusing my caring-ness and i was there for a fuck, sue my ass!!!

I managed to do so, till 5 minutes after we went to bed. The guy turned to be a “Shami”, from Sham in Syria. He’s been in Beirut for 3 months now. He was a teddy bear hunk. Never was I in bed with a guy like him. He’s a 170 cm guy who’s just big by nature. Like really big bones, big hands, big feet, like really big wide feet. Got me turned on i must admit. His skin was very soft, covering a lot of genuine muscles, which is the contrary of Gym muscles. Well he used to work in Shawarma in Syria, now he’s working in a restaurant.

So yeah! There he was, a genuine man, which is the opposite of “Straight Acting” one as they like to call it on Grindr. Urgh do people even realize how homophobic is that statement?!?! Dahhhh Ling are you coming out as an actress?! Like you think you’re staging Broadway?! Let me not go there….

So yeah! There he was, my man, he was a good kisser, strong hugger, someone who perceives himself as a man, and acknowledges the presence of a second man in bed. He showed appreciation for what i had down there.

Yes i was trying to be indifferent, yet he wouldn’t let me. He imposed his presence in the cutest oriental manly behaviors. He made me smile several times. He wondered why i was smiling several times, with his “Shami” accent that i imitated several times. He was a genuine, a cute genuine, i had the feeling that i really had a man laying there, made me remember why i was into men in the first place. I even felt it was exotic, you know, similar for what Europeans look for in Arabs. Some even come here just for the sake of being with an Arabic oriental man. I hear you Sistas. I know why you seek it now.

I was with a man, “manly playful like a grown up child”, rubbing his beard on mine, making me lick his armpit, holding me with force so I’d do the same, trying to wrestle me in my own bed. He held my chin sometimes while looking deep in my eyes, held my dick sometimes too, he played with my legs, kissed my feet, smelled my skin. Not only that, he told me he was praying that I’d have a belly. He said it in a cuddly way, “Battoun” was the term he used, the Arabic cuddly nickname of a belly. What?! Praying for that?! Why waste your prayers?! Well obviously it meant to him a lot. He dived in it. Like literally dived into it, putting his nose on it and rubbing left and right quickly. I have high admiration for myself, my small belly included, yet he made me feel at a certain point like, well, a belly. He just focused on it. He made me smile again. And again. And again. Well it was ticklish. He bit my meat! No I’m not talking about my dick you perverts! I’m talking about my actual meat. Woof!! Man, he was rough.

He highlighted the size of my dick, he said he was too tight to take it. Well true he was, he couldn’t take it, we tried, yet i never perceived my dick as a big one. Well he was tight, and he appreciates small dicks. Some people would die for a big dick stupid! Not him, he even preferred if his was smaller, “what is it for but for peeing?” he said. He has a point. I never understood how we cultivated in us the admiration for “Big”. Does size really matter?! Well yeah, if you had the tunnel of Shekka down there (a well reputed tunnel in the village of Shekka in Lebanon). Not his case.

Fine with me, sometimes the act of penetrating doesn’t really matter, as the feeling of conquest was there, that day i conquered a man, a real man, he conquered me too, the rest was meaningless.

Do you miss Syria?! I asked

Fuck Syria, and its sands…

It’s not nice to talk like that about your country

When you don’t have anyone that matters left there, you know it’s not your country anymore…

He had a tear in the eye.


11 comments on “The Syrian Hunk, and the misery of a people…

  • Two very irrelevant aspects that you’ve brought up under a deceiving title. This has nothing to do with saving Syria or the misery of the people. This is the manifesto of your prejudice, that describes your big dick and a shallow sexual experience. Let alone the incomplete sentences and the lousy structure.
    You have the chance to write. Take advantage of it and say something worth reading!

    • Thanks for taking the time for reading it and commenting. A shallow sexual experience is what I believe your perception to what sex is. That shows clearly when all you concluded of this article was me bragging about my big dick. This is an LGBT blog that is committed to humanitarian issues, the distraction of two different subjects for you have brought tears to some people who read it, yet maybe, and i say maybe, you’re letting your perception to what a formal article is, judge it. A blog is a personal experience of its writer, where your perception is not taken into consideration, and where you have to be open to have things drawn in front of you differently.

      What might look to you a shallow sexual experience, is a manifesto of love, and love making.

      What might look to you a matter of irrelevance, is a style of the writer.

      What is me bragging about my big dick, is, truly is, all a matter of your prejudice.

      Anyway, being more open minded would be of a help for you to learn how to enjoy a new angle of life, and receive a message adequately.


      Your unworthy reading writer

      • I kind of agree with Ali. I’m sure you thought you were being witty by how you brought these two ideas together, but any writer would also agree that all you did was prove you have the writing ability of a high school student. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but your reply to Ali truly showed your bigotry.

        “What might look to you a matter of irrelevance, is a style of the writer.”
        No, that wasn’t a particular style, nor did you invent your own literary technique. It was just you trying to make something out of a very shallow experience and link them together in a way you thought was artistic, creative and unique.

        “being more open minded would be of a help for you to learn how to enjoy a new angle of life, and receive a message adequately.”
        I don’t think Ali suffers from not being “open minded.” The fact you misused adequately and actually used the word “open minded” in terrible context shows you have weak English skills.

        I hope I don’t come off as hating, it’s just that I have no idea why you’re writing articles when you clearly aren’t perfectly fluent in English, nor do you have any abilities, knowledge or technique of a writer. I do kind of see potential in you, but you need a LOT of work before you can write or say you have a particular “style.” So please don’t overestimate yourself and retaliate to a commenter with such an arrogant response.

        It’s better to find one flaw in yourself than a thousand in others.

      • I never pretended I’m the new Shakespeare, nor an English perfectionist, clearly i have a style of writing that you disagree on, and obviously you understood what i wrote so my English was ok. Neither have i ever believed that the sculpture exceeds the content by importance.

        My arrogance is non of your business, nor defending Ali who is clearly responsible of his words and getting a reply on it.

        So let’s skip those to a more meaningful discussion:

        I’m really interested to know how you thought the content is shallow. Why cause it’s a personal sexual experience?! For many people that is not shallow at all, some1 wrote to me saying i made his day with that story, another said I’ve put a tear in his eye. Both no expressions of shallowness.

        As for the importance of the message. Do you know that i quoted the guy with his own words?! They were simple words that touched me, and they happened while we were having sex, simply.

        So i didn’t mean to join any subjects. It all happened there. The title states clearly: The Syrian Hunk, and the misery of a people. I hope you realized the comma there since you’re very knowledgeable.

        You know what’s the flaw around here? It’s that both of you got provoked by the sexual content and have built upon it an analyze that actually wouldn’t matter but somewhere in Oxford. It’s a fucking personal blog that talks about LGBT issues in the most common ways. And I dunno how sending a message to save Syria through simple words of great power coming out of a regular Syrian guy would evoke a sanctity that shouldn’t be mixed with a personal sexual experience?!

        See? It was no Arrogance to reply neither Ali nor you, but the feeling of answering a certain pretentiousness that gets some people blinded of seeing what is truly there.

        Now if you’re gonna correct my English again, i really would appreciate if you spare both of us.

    • Dear Ali,
      This is an LGBT blog. Blogs are meant to share your personal experiences no matter how shallow or deep are they. If you expected the article to be about syria and chemical weapons, I think you got the wrong website.
      Regarding the structure, a blogger can be a 17 years child writing his experience or shakespeare himself. You can’t criticize the style of writing in a blog. You can do this in a magazine, a book or a newspaper for instance.


  • Alright.
    The article is not well written, its title is deceiving and the content is not up to the standards of … hold up! What standards? the standards of who, exactly? Blog-writing-critic standards? No such a thing, thankfully.

    We need to understand the blogging in its nature is about telling the world what you feel, how you feel it, in whichever way we find suitable. I didn’t personally find the article that well structured, but I did find it sincere and entertaining. Tinker here is not the best writer I’ve ever came across, not even in the top ten, but still, he writes about his life, and he decided to share that with the rest of the world.

    When does the content becomes shallow, and when is it a deep content? I remember reading Gabriel García Márquez’s Memories of My Melancholy Whores and finding it extremely shallow in plot, yet beautifully written. If that to prove anything, it’s to prove that people’s taboo with sex is only measured with who is writing about it. But still, it might not prove anything, and I might be mistaken, why? Because this is the internet, anyone with a device that can connect to Wi-Fi or 3G is capable of writing whatever they want. The limits that we sit to this “whatever” is really and strictly in our heads.

    Also, we tend to forget that this is not fiction, this is a blog post of someone who claim to experience a situation that he wanted to write it. We can criticize the person’s style of writing; but we can’t really claim that it’s shallow, simply because it mirrors his reality, and therefore we moved from being critical to being downright mean.

    It seems to me that the main concern of the people commenting here is how the writer tried to connect his “shallow” sexual experience with the situation in Syria. Fine, he might not have been successful of that. But when we come to a blog and read it, we shouldn’t expect it to be a piece of art every time, simple because it’s impossible. We could see it as a window to the life of an individual and take it as it is. Fiction or reality, this person decided to put his creative mind into a spin and deliver a story. Do we like it? That’s irrelevant, did the writer push his limits, did he put a piece of his soul in this post? To me, it seems he did.

  • First and foremost, we must repeat this is a blog for those who might still stand by the first two comments of how “shallow” this post is.

    On the contrary, I loved this piece regardless of language/literary skills. This was supposed to embody an experience the writer had with an unfortunate Syrian who has taken refuge in our country. It is apparent from the concluding quoted lines that the man is heart broken and alone. For those of you who feel the writer was bragging, boasting or declaring his sexcapades, I feel differently. Instead I see two souls who have found each other in the middle of of the night seeking unchained affection with no responsibilities. The Syrian Hunk probably has lost everyone back home and had found solace with the writer during this one night of love making; love of which was apparently needed as he felt/feels empty.

    “When you don’t have anyone that matters left there, you know it’s not your country anymore…

    He had a tear in the eye.”

    The writer wasn’t boasting about himself but rather was boasting about the incredulous fact that the Syrian Hunk, with everything he has lost and with no home to properly call or go to, is still able to love in such a passionate and playful way. What was meant to be a night of just purely fucking concluded into a night of much needed comfort, love and understanding between two people who were able to comfort each other’s needs through their beautiful act of sex.

    To Ali, you want hard hitting news go somewhere else to find it, yet, be rest assured that all news you shall find regarding this tumultuous situation is by all means the handles of deception and lousiness; nothing the media portrays is real habibi. To Unhappy, stay unhappy my friend, as the writer knows his own flaws and has stated he isn’t perfect. This is a personal blog with real experiences written by a real person who has a real life and isn’t afraid to share them with the rest of this shallow, cruel and loveless world.

    To everyone else, please remove anal beads while commenting and take the time to read *in between* the lines rather than tear a real person apart for sharing a raw experience.

  • loose the grammar and enjoy the fuck … i am happy for you tinker bell .
    and i love how you connect sex to humanity, some people are just squared and cant think about two things in the same time mainly the shekka tunel boys.

  • Nice article 🙂
    [So yeah! There he was, a genuine man, which is the opposite of “Straight Acting” one as they like to call it on Grindr. Urgh do people even realize how homophobic is that statement?!?! Dahhhh Ling are you coming out as an actress?! Like you think you’re staging Broadway?! Let me not go there]

    just made my day! I often think the homos are more homophobic towards others. As a gay man myself I consider didn’t or never acted but still people looking for casual sex and require “straight acting”

    Greetings from Bali-Indonesia

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