The Man, behind the Ray-Ban

Published September 10, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

No it wasn’t sunny. We were in his gloomy blue-painted room.

No he wasn’t a cop, neither an aviator. Well he was flying, but with no plane.

He received me naked, with his Ray-Ban on.

The guy was high, and already have set boundaries between me and his soul.

He insisted on me visiting him for a quicky, or as he explained later on, it’s just after you get your 30 minutes of UP, the rest of the effect is that you become in a loving cuddly mode.

Well he chose to spend that time with me. I would’ve appreciated if he told in prior.

I would have expected I’m gonna spend an afternoon, well a noon and an afternoon with someone, something, out of this world, let me correct, someone, something, of this world, who’s from above the clouds, who’s dream is to fly over the rainbow, so high.

I laid there with a skeleton, with a Ray-Ban on. In that gloomy room, listening to Trans music, that he was enjoying.

I was there, with my “Zen Mode”, with my “Angelic Face”, with my “Beautifully well drawn Features”, with my “Cuddly body of a Teddy Bear”, caring for nothing but to keep him flying, up and up, trying not to make him lose it.

He refused to let me see his eyes, i knew his eyes from before, for some reason that day he just hid behind his glasses, all alone, well i was with him, but not quite with him, he chose loneliness, even in times of companionship.

I was with him, but not quite with him, myself too was left alone, i was trying my best not to strike him with reality, the reality that i felt when i was by his side.

That guy was a handsome man, successful man, with a charming smile, yet he refused to face his lonely moments, he refused to acknowledge that sadness exists. Sadness and loneliness are just there, on our front door every day.

Facing it, acknowledging it, embracing it, have made me a stronger man, a more human one.

While him, he just fled it. He hid behind his Ray-Ban. And he gave lectures about life.

He went on in his life, avoiding reality, not seeing the beauty that comes out of its darkest moments.

He ended up in darkness, in a gloomy room, behind his Ray-Bans, seeing the darker version of his surrounding.

Was he happy about it? I doubt it.

He made me sad, as I was always sad about others reality and not about mine.

We both fell asleep. I woke up and left.

I dunno if he ever woke up….


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