Mashrou’ Leila and the everlasting dream

Published August 5, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

This blog is dedicated to the band that has changed the alternative scene and transcended it to the popular scene, in Lebanon and the Arab world, and now aiming to become an ambassador for Lebanon to the world, with their Indie music, both of quality and popularity.

Not only that, Mashrou’ Leila has gained a major importance for their support to gay rights through reflecting the image of creativity in the gay scene and loudly speaking out in the name of many of us.

Who could forget their debut, with the song Shim El Yasmine, written by the lead singer Hamed Sinno, who blew our emotions with lyrics addressing a guy for whom he had a crush, a one sided crush… in what is considered officially the first song to tackle a gay subject that frankly and sincerely in the Arab world.

Who could forget that glorious moment, when Hamed have risen the rainbow flag in a concert in Byblos Festivals, declaring himself gay, and becoming the 1st singer in the Arab world to become gay and proud and out himself to the whole world, where we had the prime minister watching and being forced to withdraw from the concert?

Their concert in Baalbeck Festivals, their interview with TETU (The french gay magazine), their tours in Cairo, Paris, Istanbul, Tunis, Amman and many other cities.

This band has became a representative for good music and the gay scene in Lebanon and the Arab world on a worldwide scale.

Today Mashrou’ Leila’s Challenge has grew bigger.

Seven days are left, in a trial to ‪#‎OccupyArabPop‬ , the magnificent Mashrou3 Leila are funding their album throughout a new initiative, where you play the major role and not production houses, so that the pulse of the youth prevails, reflecting the true image of Lebanon, the Arab world, and the creative community….

Find below the picture of Hamed holding the rainbow flag in Byblos, the YouTube link of the song Shim El Yasmine, and the informative link of the initiative and how you can contribute in their success and keep the love chain growing….

Please do share the link of this blog, whether on the individual level on your personal Facebook and Twitter, whether you’re an activist, or even a blogger, you never know who might be willing to be also a part of this inspirational movement,

I ❤ Mashrou’ Leila


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