On How I Met Your Father

Published August 1, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

You see? It was back in July 2013, I was in Beirut, managing a gay bar called Bardo, I was sipping my coffee in a boring hot afternoon when i received a notification on Facebook saying that he accepted my friend request. I didn’t remember that i added this guy before, so I opened his profile to check to whom i have the honor.

And there he was, your father, a muscled man, which was not what i liked in a guy, still i wanted to see his face, he was one handsome cute man. I somehow got instantly addicted to admiring his facial features, and I was looking and looking, couldn’t get enough. My attention was so taken into checking each picture that contained a face of his, until interrupted by a chatting message of him saying : Hey. That guy was fast, i liked it. So I replied: Hey, lovely face you have there…. I somehow insisted on complimenting his face, I didn’t say I’m taken by your face, like i truly was, simply cause that’s a No-No when getting to know a man in the gay world.

Back then he was a Lebanese in Toronto,I was in Beirut. He knew Bardo, he loved it and used to come quite often 2 years before that, I dunno how i missed realizing him, maybe cause i was already in a relation at that point.

See Son?! Your father was cute in real too. He was honest and straight forward. Very sexual i must say, and kinky! I appreciated his courage, It wasn’t easy to find someone that outspoken sexually without making a mess out of it, as well, constipated people were not to be interesting for my character, as I was a hunk!

Son: Daddyyyyyy?!?!?!…….

Me: Ok, ok, you can forget I said that, where was I ?! Oh yes, so your father was honest about what he wants, I’m gonna skip the traumatizing details for you. We chatted and chatted for hours and hours, it was interesting talking to him…. till we reached a point where we decided everything on our sexual date…

Here, i mentioned that I was thinking of moving to Canada, although i haven’t taken the decision yet.

He replied: Yeah well, when i get my citizenship, i can marry you and bring you here.

Yes kid, this is how your father proposed. Back then, It was legal for men in Canada to marry and adopt children, in Lebanon it was not the case, anyway this is not important, this is how he proposed, leaving me behind a screen shocked all alone. That happened only on the second day of talking to him. Back then, i was like i still am, a romantic that gave high value to the institution of marriage and spending a lifetime with one’s soul mate. He proposed that easily, And since then all our chatting subjects have shifted into more and more of mutual exploration.

Son: And what happened afterwards?!

Me: Leave it for another day, we have plenty of time to tell you the rest of the story. Now go to sleep.

Son: Good Night Dad!

Me: Good Night, Son!


2 comments on “On How I Met Your Father

  • in fact, it really happened to me too..
    i met the father, then went one day for a quick meeting @ someone’s house where i realized that while meeting a guy i saw the picture of the dad hanged on the wall…
    it was frustrating and someone shocking…

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