Russia, Oh Russia : Why the Homophobia?

Published July 25, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

On rebuilding the new great Russia, we’re ready to take everything from the western model, except the uprising direction towards more tolerance. Russia have stepped into capitalism with the big tools, the big whales…Immense corruption, an unfair distribution of the resources, moving from the Old Great Soviet Union into the new Great Capitalist Russia. Seems like a new state, with a new orientation, built on the same mentality.

A pretentious nationalism, representatives of the east and defenders of it, against who? Of course against the evil West. What is the East and what is the West anyway? I’m no eastern like Russians. Are we talking about the Eastern Church and the Western one?! Which Western one?! The Catholic Church or the Protestant one?!

Russia made its come back! Newly a big power, built on the same old track, having a dictator like leader, this time backed by the new weapons of capitalism and the Orthodox church. Isn’t that ideal?! This time Russia would not fall, the Church is there by the side of the governor, a strong ally witnessing and contributing in the social injustice.

The new Russia has no enemies, collaborating with the US on shared interests, of course, cause sharing is caring…

Oh no, one single enemy stands defying time, an old enemy of the Soviet Russia is still an enemy for the new Capitalist Liberal Russia, bringing fear to the Russian society, spreading terror between Russians, and threatening the continuity of the Russian nation: HOMOSEXUALITY!!!

DA FUCK VLADIMIR!!! Homosexuality is your greatest fear nowadays?!

Fighting gay propaganda, preserving the birth rates, stopping the adoption of Russian kids by gay parents, local and foreigner, preserving family values….

Yeah preserving the family values!!! Mr Putin had no problem, while the Anti Gay bill being adopted by the Duma, in declaring his divorce to his wife. Well that is no threat for family values, right?! Neither would kids seeing the gay bashing towards activists be of any harm, but telling them that gay people exist?! Oh Lord!!!

Same arguments, of course homosexuality comes along to pedophilia, oh and Sodomy….no it’s not the drinking problem in Russia!!! Russian men always viewed as minors, you cannot tell Russian men also that gay people exist…do not tell Vladimir!!!

Although more religious countries are far more likely to be less accepting of homosexuality, Russia seems to reject both God and gays,with only 33 percent of Russians saying religion was very important in their daily life in 2009. However the Orthodox Church is part of the Russian Nation’s superiority, a national tradition, although Russians rarely practice their faith.

And why this homophobic law?! Because of some statistics that shocked lately the Russian society with 730 000 estimated orphan and a big decrease in the birthrates…. who to blame?! Of course those gays, they’re bringing kids and leaving them, and not doing their job of covering their straight fellas, not like gay people in the States or China or India or any other country…. and therefore 436 voted for the anti gay bill in the Duma against 0, truly one big fat zero, and 1 abstinence if it makes it any better… not to forget the Orthodox Radicals and the Kremlin supporters bashing gay activists before the police interfered, to captivate the activists instead of the assaulter.

And who to apply the law on?! of course Madonna, the symbol of modern homosexuality, defender of gay men everywhere on earth, thank God the judge stopped the comedy show by dismissing the suit… Madonna expressed her support for gay people in a concert in St Petersburg and for the Pussy Riot that took place in Russia.

Frankly?! I’m very sad, i don’t understand till when Russia would be the image of that dark world, built on ignorance and stupidity, fortified with terror and disrespect for the human intelligence, a model of intolerance, a symbol of injustice and modern atrocities.

Well but, let’s not forget that Brigitte Bardot and Gerard Depardieu want to be Russian Citizens.

Such a system is destined to fail.

Tomorrow is a better future!


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