#Revolt #تمرد

Published July 2, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

I always thought living in the 60s and 70s would have been awesome. Getting born after 1945, of course, turning adult in the 60, and maturing in the 70s. Not very gay of me, the 80s would have been the In decade. Myself, i would have loved to have the 50s as childhood memories, participate in the struggles for rights in the 60s, and celebrate sexual freedoms acquired in the 70s. You know, living in those specific two decades would have meant a lot to me. They were somehow full of thoughts, people were fighting to gain freedom, art was revolutionary, humanity was exploring sexuality, and the music was better.

I used to ask myself why would i be born in an era where the battle is lead by religions, no real meaningful ideologies, for me humanity is going backwards..Sooooo lame.

Well that was until recently, i changed my mind. I wanna live in this era… Now is the right moment to make change.

We’re directly facing extremism, and we have the obligation of fighting to take humanity back to rationality.

Look at Turkey, look at Brazil, and look precisely to Egypt. Humanity is saying enough to fanaticism, enough with the interference of religion in politics, and enough with extreme brutal capitalism.

Humanity is much more than that.

Humanity is compassion, is consideration, is awareness, is freedom, and humanity is especially love.

It’s not the Muslim brotherhood, it’s not Banks, it’s not Nations….

Humanity is beyond borders, it’s beyond being hostage of entities, it’s beyond being contained and trained to be spare parts of a system…

Humanity is free, free to love…

It’s not Nadim El Gemayel and his puppets. It’s not Ahmad Al Assir and his guns. It’s not the Lebanese censorship.

It’s peaceful beliefs, rational behaviors, border-less spirits…

It’s no battling for proving thyself, competing with everyone, and crashing people on the way.

It’s individuality, consideration and inner fulfillment…

Within this struggle, gay people are invited to play a major role of social commitment, call it politics.

They are pillars of this diversity, and should prove it everyday, impose it in every act, work, demonstration and lobbying.

Actually?! They should be pioneers leading the battle, cause people who suffer learn truly the meaning of  equality, freedom, and love….

Gay people should be in the heart of revolutions, against every oppressor from any kind….

Therefore I am a proud gay man, not that I limit my struggle to my cause, my nature provided me with endless horizons, and I’m willing to explore them with no fear…

Tomorrow is a better future….


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