When gay people are angry with someone

Published June 18, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

I always thought of Boycott as a powerful tool in the hand of people. What if an organized campaign in the community goes like “Let’s boycott those homophobic mother fuckers”.

In an ideal world, where the gay community would commit totally in such a measurement against people who declare their hostility against Homosexuality:

Hair would be like:

Rima sayrafi

(Rima Sayrafi)

Plastic surgeries would be like:

Nidal ahmadiyeh

(Nidal  El Ahmadiyyeh)

Make up would be like:

Randa el Murr

(Randa El Murr)

Photo shoots would be like:

sana nasr

(Sana Nasser)

TVs and TV presenters would be like:

hisham haddad

(OTV and Hisham Haddad)

Mayors would be like:


(Antoine El Sakhtoora)

Or sometimes everything including fashion would be like:


(Nidal El Ahmadiyyeh Again)

And it even can go worst.

While people accused lately of supporting “Perversion” in reference to homosexuality would be like:

maya diab

(Maya Diab dressed by Nicolas Jibran)

Just saying…

PS: In the exception of Maya Diab who’s adorable, all the people whose pictures are posted above are real homophobic bastards from the Lebanese daily scene!!!

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