The beginning of Idiocy

Published June 11, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

No. Homosexuality is not a crime in the Lebanese law. There is no law that states homosexuality as a crime. Many people have the misconception that homosexuality is illegal in Lebanon. Well guess what! It isn’t, even in the laws inherited from the french mandate that used to be part of the so called the french 3rd republic (Now France is in the 5th, and we’re still following its third).

The article 534 in the Lebanese Criminal law states a crime of second degree, with a punishment of jailing between six months and one year to any sexual act that defies or is against nature.

Due to the homophobia, which for me is a state of mind against nature, and religion that is used nowadays against its nature, Lebanese judges used that law to criminalize gay people.

And since one homophobic judge started it, and since the other judges have to take into consideration decisions or rulings of previous similar cases in the absence of the law, it became a habit, to criminalize gay people, and therefore many think that homosexuality is illegal.

If i was to be the 1st judge, and wanna rule upon that law, I’d definitely consider a gay sexual intercourse as conform to nature.

Yet if I’d imagine having the mentality of that judge that started the whole thing, i would’ve considered the following as criminal acts:

1-Sucking dick: No woman is allowed to suck dick. A dick’s place is naturally in your pussy not in your mouth, bitch!

2-Licking pussy: No man is allowed to lick pussy. Your tong is just to taste food, stop the misuse of it, you pervert!

3-Using Condom: Sex is only used for reproduction and giving birth for a life. Orgasm is just to feel the creation of a new life.

4-Wearing Costumes and using Accessories: It’s not Halloween darling. You should be totally naked and hand free like God created you.

5-Interacial Sex: Of course it’s against nature. You’re Lebanese and white, enough with your fetishes.

6-Intersocial Sex: You’re rich, he’s poor, stop defying your nature.

7-Intercommunautary Sex: You’re Muslim, she’s Christian. What?! do you think she’s Exotic?!

8-Interethnic Sex: You’re blond, your Ken should be blond too Barbie!!!

9-Fucking in the butt: Even if you don’t wanna lose your virginity, do not let him fuck you in the Butt. And you, even if you like it tight while performing, this is against nature.

10-Mind games: No he’s not your slave, you’re not his master, we don’t mix with slaves remember?!!

11-Usage of poppers, porn, pregnancy pills, sushi or avocado, fertilizers…etc: You’re definitely going to jail.

12-Fingering: Or else I’d stick it in your ass. Oh no, I’d become a criminal myself.

I hope i didn’t forget any criminals. I don’t know why those homosexuals even accuse me of discrimination?!?!?

Well, although homosexuality is not mentioned specifically in the article 534, our target and focus should be always on abolishing it, for the sake of not being under the mercy of some homophobic asshole!

Or we can focus on creating a time machine, go back in time, and kill that idiot….

idiot 3

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