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Published June 8, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

I needed silence. No not out of depression. I need silence when i wanna flee the world. Flee into my world, which is a much calmer one. My world is full of silent romance. Weirdly, yes i find romance in loneliness.

I closed Bardo, and headed to Ain El Mrayseh. I went there, ordered a double espresso, and sat on a bench. There was barely 5 people around. Perfect! No narguileh, no loud music. It was just calm.

At 3:10 am, the Adhan started. The guy had a beautiful voice. Lately, i dunno why the Adhan brings nostalgia into me. I can sit there listening to it for hours, and enjoy all the feelings that emerge in me due to it.

I sat there, but it felt i wasn’t really there. It was one of those moments where the world seemed freezed around me. It was me n the surrounding.

I was looking at the sea, watching the water move with the lights reflecting on it, barely hearing its movement, it seemed it was moving along to the voice of the guy.

I looked far, i had the mountain and the seaside of the area starting from Dora to Nahr el Kalb in front of me. The lights there seemed somehow poetic. It felt like the land has worn a dress, a very shiny golden one. I looked at the sky, there was barely some stars, and they were not as shiny as those lights. Who needs the stars i thought. I looked back there, the lights seemed to have some sort of quick dimming effect, they were very playful, very sparkly and joyful.

I felt lucky. I live in Beirut. Who needs to travel if not to flee the everyday routine. I am lucky, Beirut has much more charm than any city of the world. And no, it’s not because of the Lebanese people, well they play a role and they’re cute, and no, it’s not because we have night life and fun. I believed at that moment that no city in the world can cultivate in you that beautiful silence.

The Adhan was praising the God. Not only that, it was talking about how gracious and thankful we are for his blessings. Well yeah I am definitely grateful for such a moment. I am thankful to thee, for the blessing of being grateful too. I cannot describe the feeling of happiness it puts in you. At that moment i was satisfied about my life, and happy.

Suddenly i turned my head to the left, to lay eyes on a guy 5 meters away from me, having his cock outside his pants, well held in his hand. He looked at me and started pissing on the bottom of a tree. Weird Eh?! That guy was standing there, with all the sensuality and exhibitionism, looking at me deep in the eyes.

Yeah, Beirut is soulful, its residents play a major role, i turned my head smiling and looking back to those lights. Beirut is playful, just like those lights. It smiles at you, and makes you smile back. Beirut is nostalgic, you miss it even when you’re living through its veins. It makes you dream, even when you’re awake.

My moment could have lasted, and lasted, yet no. It was interrupted by a loud fan of Georges Wassouf!

And the Adhan stopped….


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