For God’s Sake

Published May 15, 2013 by angrytinkerbell

Stop telling me what’s written in the Bible/Qoran/any other Bookpenguin!

Although many moderate clerics deny the fact that Homosexuality is abominated in all religions, and althg I’m a believer hear me say it out loud.

I don’t give a F*ck.

My God is not, and will never be the same God of yours.

My God is loving, while all what you preach about is the God of Hate.

Keep your God to yourselves, I’m cherishing the God in me, the God that tells me i can share his Holiness.

I celebrate the joy of his presence every day, through every person i meet.

You preach about the dark future.

I enjoy life, while you fear the after life.

I trans-passed fear, to live the true love, while your fear brings you nothing but hate.

You wanna hate me?! I can live with it easily, cause when i loved, i learned to love haters like you.

You wanna hate others?! I feel the urge of preaching love to u, in a way or another, sometimes i will be tough on you, cause you don’t understand but that language…

I love you, yes i do, i accept ur abnormalities, it makes you as abnormal as me in your eyes…

I love you?! Yes i do, cause who am i to hate you.

I don’t have to agree on your path, as i’m surely not expecting you to agree on mine.

You will feel my loving rage, yeah sometimes, cause i cannot see you hurting others, that is part of my protective nature and the acquirement of the notion of Justice.

You will accept my love in all its forms, you don’t have a choice in that.

My love forbids me from standing silent when ur not being loving towards others.

I’m gonna preach you love in the bible/qoran, cause that was and still is the main purpose of having those books…

You are free to accept it or not, but as much as i love you, i need to make it clear, in my world, you are not allowed to spread hate, just keep it inside you, simply cause you don’t match the love my world contains. You don’t like it? I never liked your hate, i created my world that lived ok with your presence, now it’s your turn live fine with mine, otherwise i’ll lovingly crack your head!!!

All the love,

Your loving brother in humanity…

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